Address: 17th Avenue, Edenvale, Johannesburg (Next to Edenvale Sport Club)

VR Education Program

We offer great educational experiences related to History, Geography, Biology, Art and Design, for example, you can experience the moon landing in virtual reality, travel to anywhere in the world without stepping foot on an airplane, explore the galaxy and learn about the various planets that surround earth, go on an expedition to the top of Mountain, climb into famous artiests paintings and experience them in virtual reality, experience what it would be like to go to the bottom of the ocean using virtual reality technology or you can use a user-friendly Design program to create anything that your mind can come up with.

These are only some of the many educational experiences we offer here at Blue Ocean VR, anything is possible in virtual reality and we encourage you to come enrich your mind with these great experiences!

Teachers and parents are welcome to contact us to find out how we can use this technology to the benefit of the students.

MOBILE SERVICE. You can have a VR educational school. we can bring VR Systems to your school and you can do VR lessons. 


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